Why Choose Us?

At LA Fresh SEO, we feel there is nothing better than helping our clients achieve success.

When you take a Fresh approach to things, you are bound to win.

Legendary rocker Neil Young said it best:

“One new fresh take can change everything.”

We live by this mantra.

We approach every new project with ‘Fresh’ eyes. And this is why our clients love us.

People say SEO is a marathon, and not a sprint. That is very true. However, we like to fall somewhere in between.

Our secret formula is simple and proven strategies with a little innovation. We get you to your goals as quickly as possible without cutting any corners or taking any unnecessary risks.

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Beyond Search Engine Rankings

If you’ve been keeping up with the Google updates and search algorithm changes, you understand the search landscape is quite turbulent.

Maybe you’ve seen your own business get abused and beaten in the SERPs. Google’s zoo animals can be relentless.

This is why we don’t focus on short-term dodgy tactics some SEO firms use.

We leverage long-term traffic generating strategies that are search engine-friendly, and bring you multiple streams of targeted visitors ready to spend money on your products or services.

An SEO Company You Can Grow With

We were built with businesses in mind. With limited overhead and a small footprint, we are able to fit seamlessly into any business budget.

As your sales and conversions grow from our work, the price of our services stays the same. No hidden fees, no extra expenses.

And unlike large bloated SEO and marketing agencies that lock you in until the end of eternity regardless of their results, our services are month-to-month. You can walk away at any time.

We actually EARN your loyalty by delivering exceptional results.

Want A Fresh Perspective?

We appreciate the fact that not all matches are made in heaven. Our services might not be right for your business. Your business might not be a good fit for us.

But answer the following questions:

Do you want more website traffic? Do you want to increase your sales? Improve your conversions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should get a fresh perspective from LA Fresh SEO.

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