Are you going to lose 50% of your website traffic in the next 2 weeks?

In case you didn’t hear, Google will be rolling out a major change to the algorithm that will essentially penalize websites in the mobile search results that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Hard to argue with them.

Over 50% of search now happens on mobile devices. Since search should favor the users, Google is making the search results user-friendly for the mobile crowd.

Regardless, this big change means you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

I showed you here in this post how to do a quick check to see if your website is mobile responsive.

Head over there quick and see if your website is mobile-ready. Or take a shortcut and do a quick check here.

Are you safe? No? Ok…read on.

What’s The Mobile Impact To Your Website?

So in the opening line I asked if you were going to lose half your traffic. That was a little tongue-in-cheek, but you should take a serious look at your mobile traffic.

To do that:

1. Go to Google Analytics (

2. In the left sidebar, under Audience, choose Mobile.

3. Open up your time frame for the last 60 days and look at your mobile traffic percentage.

Here is an example:

Mobile Website Traffic

As you can see for this website, nearly half of the website traffic is from mobile devices. (41%)

Now does this mean the website would lose nearly half it’s traffic come April 21st? Well that will take a further analysis of the type of mobile traffic it’s getting.

I need to further analyze. Let’s pick back up in Google Analytics.

4. Add the Secondary Dimension ‘Medium

5. Add the filter ‘Mobile‘ to only show mobile traffic.

6. Find the Organic traffic and this is what is mainly at risk if you are not mobile optimized.

Here is the same example website:

Mobile Traffic Sources

Notice how this website actually gets very little traffic from mobile search results.

So it were to get slaughtered by the Mobile Monster, it actually wouldn’t be to bad off.

But maybe Google Analytics isn’t showing you promising results.

What do you do if you are getting a lot of mobile traffic? Well even if you aren’t, you still want to be mobile-friendly.

Regardless of how they get there, you want your mobile visitors to be able to easily navigate your website and ultimately buy your products or services.

With that, here are 3 easy options for making your website mobile-friendly if its not.

Change Your Website Theme

Mobile Responsive Website

This applies for WordPress mainly. You can simply change your theme over to a Responsive theme.

WordPress has tons of them for free, or there are also plenty of mobile responsive premium themes you can purchase as well.

If you’ve had a custom theme built, then you may need to consult with a web designer about making a smooth transition from theme to theme.

Install A Mobile Plugin

This is even easier than changing your theme.

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) have plugins you can install that will automatically ‘build’ you a mobile version of your website.

The plugin will detect which the device the user is using to access your website and show the most appropriate version.

What’s even better is most of these plugins are free. However, quality and features may suffer where it lacks in price.

Here are plugins based on CMS:


Use A Mobile Website Builder

Mobile website builders can be a nice balance between a website redesign or using a plugin.

You’ll have the chance to design your mobile website in an easy to use dashboard before paying, and if you like what you see, most charge as low as $8-$10 a month for your mobile website.

Some even offer free versions, but are usually feature or page number limited.

You’ll usually have to add a simple redirect script into your .htaccess file (just copy and paste the code) for the visitor to be redirected to and shown the mobile version of your website.

Two popular mobile website building services are bMobilized and Duda Mobile.

You Have Options

The important point is that you do have options if your website is not mobile-friendly, and you’re worried about the impact come April 21st.

Analyze your traffic in Google Analytics (or your preferred analytics tracker) and determine how big of an impact you could expect.

Then use the mobile optimization solution that makes the most sense for your current setup and budget.

And lastly, don’t panic!

Help is just a phone call away.

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