One of the worst things that can happen to your small business is to have your business’ website penalized by a Google penalty.

In fact, more business websites are penalized right now without their knowledge then anytime in history! (You can check to see if your website may be penalized here)

With the 2 heavy-hitting algorithm updates (Panda & Penguin) refreshing more frequently, there are now that many more chances to be hit by one.

The most common way to be penalized is through an algorithmic penalty, by way of one of the aforementioned penalties. You can see the history of these Google updates here.

The least common way is to be hit by a manual penalty.

Either one sucks. So with that, here is an infographic you can reference to help prevent your website from falling victim to a business-crippling Google penalty.

How to Avoid a Google Penalty
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Now you are armed with information to avoid a Google penalty. If you think your website may be under the influence of a penalty, let us know and we’ll take a look.

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